Monday Nights With Mino

Sweet ‘n’ Love Thang

Looks like we still remember how to play guitar, more or less.


Mozart, Shakespeare, Christante and Bertucci

The four of us make a pretty good group of song writers, don't you think? 47 minutes of live music and conversation you won't hear anywhere else.

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While the Kettle Boils - Violin and Guitar

Mino and Franco improvise a serious instrumental while they wait for the tea pot. 

We now have a track on Bandcamp. Listen and buy:

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Thank you for listening.

Domestic Bliss (or Blitz) with Guitar and Fiddle

Is it a sign of humility or egotism to release unpolished recordings? Mino and Franco discuss this as well as the fact that cramped spaces makes for better music, play two songs of Franco's inspired by domestic bliss, explore a little Billy Joel and do some nice instrumental improvising.

Music starts at about 6min. Thanks for listening.


Is it writing or is it remembering?

We had a little dry spell but last night we sat down and made ourselves make music. No one was allowed a sip until we'd played a note.

This is a recording of Mino writing, or uncovering a song. Or, perhaps, he's remembering a song. Socrates thought that learning is really recollecting.

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Here Comes the Train - through the asphalt/the tremor grows…

A longing making train song by Mino. Bass by Greg Nottage. Electric guitar by Franco.

See us play it on Youtube:

A Very Normal Guy

From our original musical, "Get Normal." Words and music by Mino Christante.  Recorder in the stairwell by Franco Bertucci.

See it on Youtube:

The Children of Senegal - Why are they so happy?

A beautiful song Mino recorded a few years ago with his wife, Lexia, Dominic the engineer and plenty of reverb.


Lordy Mama That Was the Preacher’s Wife

A little boogie-woogie style tune by Mino. Franco on keys and bass. Enjoy!



A Tuesday Morning with Mino

Mino and Franco chat about the recording process and listen to three of their Monday night tracks. Songs by Mino Christante

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