Monday Nights With Mino

Someone Who Really Loves You with overhead lighting

Recorded live in a warehouse a couple of years ago...we think. Mino ran across it on his laptop and Franco added some bass, percussion and keyboards.

Words and music by Mino Christante.

Coffee and pipe organ in the music cabin

A cozy, long session in the music cabin on a cold dark night.  Two songs by Mino and a couple Dylan interpretations. Franco mushes on Mino's new keyboard set to "organ." 

We like feedback. What songs should we play next?

Thank you for listening.

It’s late night and we are “Light as a Feather”

Late one night, too late as usual, we sat down for two songs in Mino's music cabin: "Light as a Feather" and "Don't Push the River."


Recorded live - no rehearsal either if I remember correctly.  Vocals and guitar by Mino; other guitar by Franco. A good night to you all.

Words and Music by Mino Christante. (c)1980-2021


3 Guitar Tunes - 1 recorded in Italy

Three nice instrumentals by Franco. The middle one was recorded in a big stone farm house in's a traditional Russian piece interpreted by an American of one-quarter Italian descent. 


Ever Feel Like a “Solitary Man”?

Us and Neil Diamond rocking out one summer evening. Greg Nottage on bass, Mino on vocals and guitar, Franco on keys and percussion. Also on Youtube at:


Blow Thou Shakespeare Wind

The lyrics to this song are by ol' Bill Shakes. The music is a cover of the Barenaked Ladies' version of this song. Guitar and Vocals by Franco. 

The proper title is: "Blow, Blow Though Winter Wind" from the play, "As You Like It."

A nice long session with guests

Franco sings and plays electric. Mino sings, plays his baritone electric (and fiddles too). Special guest, Michael, plays pedal steel and bass while Sebastian graciously rocks the drums for two songs.

An hour and a half of live, uncut music, half-remembered lyrics, beautiful chord progressions and haunting melodies. Two songs by Franco and several country and Americana originals by Mino. Thanks much to Michael and Sebastian and also to Lorna for the lovely supper.

The Hardest is to Start

Perhaps our best recording on a Monday Night. "Letters of the Heart" by Mino Christante. Recorded on Franco's studio porch on a late summer evening. Watch us play in on Youtube here:



Hey Ho, Nobody Home- meat, nor drink, nor money have I none!

Franco and Mino sing a five hundred-year-old carol which lends itself very well to groovy bass, organ, congas and guitar.

Dark Cathedral

Another haunting and beautiful tune by Mino. Recorded live. No overdubs. Franco plays his wooden recorder purchased on his trip to Italy. Mino plays Franco's classical guitar.

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